Falcon 2

Falcon Projector
The Ultimate Portable Projector
The Connex Falcon 2 projector is comfortable at home or at the office
Integrated Wi-Fi
Connect and stream with cables, cast from your mobile phone or USB
HD Projection
High Definition Projection, either to a screen or wall.
Built In Speakers
Get a full multimedia experience at the touch of a button

Product Specifications

Projection System: 4.0inch LCD TFT display
Projector Resolution: 1280*720, support 720P/1080P
Brightness: 3,500 Lumens
Image Flip: 360 degree flip
Projection: Forward / Back Projection / Drop
Focusing Method: Manual
Contrast Ratio: 2,500:1
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 and 4:3
Lamps Type: LED 70W, 30,000 hours life
Projection Size: 40-180 inch

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