About Connex Devices

The Connex brand was born in 2016, and the very first product produced was a tablet. The reason our brand came to life was need for an affordable and reliable technology.

Growth of Connex Devices

Having started small, our reach in just a few short years has spread far and wide. Having started in the South African market, we are now available in over 30 retailers and online stores. If that wasn’t enough, we have become quite popular on a more global scale, boasting our products in 12 countries.

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About The Connex Devices Range

Having started with a simple tablet, we have mushroomed our offering to give our clients the very best affordable technology. From Iron Books to Slim Books, Swift Books, Touch Devices, Projectors, and Projector Screens, we have something to suit your needs. In addition to our products offer, we also pride ourselves on superior software. Thanks to our partnership with Windows and Intel Technology, you can expect genuine Windows software and Intel Processors. Each of our devices is host to a range of different specs meaning you have quite the selection to choose from.

What’s Next for Connex Devices?

We at Connex Devices are always looking for new ways to improve your life, from your learning to your working experiences. It is for these reasons that we constantly want to stay ahead of the game by staying ahead of technological changes. More so, we want to appeal to our clients by supplying devices that would be most useful to them, as well as reasonable on the wallet. We always have new lines we are working on; however, we never neglect the offerings of our current range. With this being said, all of our devices are both Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible. We ensure that your device is always providing you with updates to keep up with evolving software. What’s more, is that we have a 12-month warranty period on all of our products.

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