Here you will find the details on our Connex Returns Policy and Warranty.
Please read and familiarize yourself with our Warranty before continuing with the process outlined below.

Returns Policy:

If you have purchased a device through a retailer, please note that the retailer’s exchange policy is enforced. It is the retailer’s discretion to first repair any damage caused to the device before undertaking an exchange or refund.

How Long Does a Repair Take?

We undertake to have repairs completed within 15 – 20 working days, however, as our retailers have their own procedures in place, we cannot guarantee this turn around.
In the event of a retailer not honouring this timeline, please do feel free to email us on or call us with the following information:
1. Your full name and contact details (telephone number and email address).
2. The store of purchase.
3. Your reference number.
We will then take it up with the store for investigation.

How Does the Return Process Work?

Step 1: The faulty device is booked in at the retailer of purchase. You will be given a reference number. Your reference number serves as proof of ownership as well as a means for you to track your repair. Keep this number safe.

Step 2: The retailer will contact our holding company, SMD Technologies, and arrange for a collection of all faulty devices through our courier company. This is normally once a week, but may vary depending on the Retailer’s internal structures.

Step 3: On arrival, the device will undergo a full assessment. This is to determine whether the device is experiencing a factory fault or if the device was damaged due to negligent use (Please see our Warranty for further information as to what classifies to negligent use).

Step 4: Once the assessment is completed, the device is booked into repair or logged as faulty.

Step 5: The device will be couriered back to to the Retailer of purchase, or the Retailer will be contacted with instructions for the fault.

Step 6: The Retailer is then responsible for contacting you in order to collect your device, or will instruct you with further steps.

How long the warranty is effective?

This warranty is valid only for the first consumer purchase. You must show proof of purchase. Once a device is repaired and returned, the warranty period will only be valid from date of initial purchase.