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Microsoft Teams App 

The Microsoft Teams App can be referred to as the ultimate messaging app. However, for those who know and have worked with MS Teams, it is so much more than that. The app has gone through many adjustments and updates since its launch in 2017, we can now say that this app has become a necessary office tool. Let’s find out more about what MS Teams has to offer us, and why the app is a must-have in the workplace! 

Features and Benefits of MS Teams 

First and foremost, MS Teams is a messaging app. This app allows you to chat with people one-on-one. You can also create a channel, which in essence allows you to put a focused group of people together in the same group to chat about a specific topic. For example, you may find that you want your project management team to have their own conversational channel, to speak about upcoming events and how to tackle them. What is great about Teams is that it allows you to share and store live documents. Sharing live documents between team members allows your team to comment and give input on your work before you send it out, cause let’s face it, a new perspective can be refreshing.  

Teams Planner Panel 

Another great element that MS Teams offers is a “Task by Planner and To Do List”, what this does is it allows you to allocate tasks to your team members, giving briefs and deadlines. Your team members can then move their tasks from board to board, where they measure the progress of their tasks. For example, if you have instructed Tom Smith to create invites for the end-of-year function by Friday, Tom will then be notified that a task is required of him and what is expected of him. From there Tom can move the task to an “in progress” bucket, to let you know that he is working on it. Once done, he can mark the task as complete and move on to his next task. Additionally, he can upload the invite onto your shared files drive, giving the entire team access to the invite. 

No Phone? No Problem! 

Thanks to Teams, there is a call function, so you can choose to voice call, or video call your colleagues or family through the app. You can host meetings and conference calls. There have even been Teams live events that have had over 10 000 participants broadcast at once. Teams also have the capability of fully replacing your VoIP business phone system. 

All in All 

We can say that MS Teams is a great addition to your arsenal of apps. It is so much more than just a messaging app it is great for keeping on top of your schedule and keeping documents in a central place. What’s worth noting is that all of our Connex Devices Laptops are compatible with MS Teams! We are super happy with this app, and we are looking forward to any new updates they bring out! 

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